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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Gothic fashion

The Gothic style succeeded the Romanesque period and was in turn succeeded by the Renaissance. It reached its highest artistic achievements in Northern and Western Europe from the mid-12th century until as late as the end of the 15th century.
The word 'gothic' is very old, and was used from the Renaissance on to signify the art style of the Middle Ages. It was named after the German tribe of the Goths, who once had invaded Italy and so had broken up the Roman Empire. In the 15th century, man hoped to revive the classical age, they had the idea of a rebirth or renaissance. The intervening period was called a Middle Age, and we still use this negative term. Because the Italians blamed the Goths for destructing the Roman Empire, they called the art style of this period Gothic, by which they meant barbaric. Of course this was a black & white view, during the Middle Age beautiful art was made too and there wasn´t a sudden rebirth of all the classical achievements in the Renaissance. And what to think of the technical inventions in architecture in the Middle Age, which made the huge Gothic cathedrals possible, like the Notre-Dame.

But there was more than architecture: "Contrary to popular perception, Gothic style refers to more than cathedral structures. The label applies to art, sculpture, glass works, decorative pieces and illuminated manuscripts from the mid 12th through the early 16th century".
Many new techniques and styles flourished during the Gothic period to embellish the fashion of the age. Enameling once again became popular and has survived through our present day, still allowing us to appreciate its beauty. Jewelry served many purposes during this era - appreciation and honor towards a lady, religious devotion, reward of service, represent a person's station in society, political tendencies, and the symbol of office. The beauty of the Gothic era has been captured in these works of jeweled art.


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