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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Louis Vuitton Handbag � A Style For The Sophisticated Woman?

Whisper Louis Vuitton and the eyes of most women will light up immediately! Who would not, since the name is synonymous with high fashion, quality and class. In fact, Louis Vuitton designs are being worn proudly by some of the hottest stars today, including Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson and Nicole Kidman. So, do you want a piece of Louis Vuitton luxury for yourself? Well then, how about a LV handbag?

Besides being renowned for their classic yet timeless designs, Louis Vuitton handbags and purses stand out because of the unique LV monogram, with the capital L and V interlocked. After the first Louis Vuitton shop opened in 1854 in Paris, the Louis Vuitton brand has not looked back.

One and a half century may have passed but the LV brand has remained true to its craftsman heritage and superior quality. Every bag is an art piece hand crafted from the finest materials.

Having an extensive variety of designs and sizes is a winning formula for Louis Vuitton. From the white Murakami to the Monogram Denim collection or red Cherry design, from the small Pouchette to the larger white Keepall 45 that is perfect for a carry all or an overnight bag, you name it and there is one LV to fit the occasion.

Talk about the candy-coloured Murakami design and my eyes light up! My husband gave me a white multicolour Leanor for Christmas and I fell in love instantly with the refined and curvy shape that spells femininity. This bag is made of canvas, with natural cowhide ruffle on the flap, hallmark nails, oversized buckles and leather trimmings completing the look. At about 12 by 7 inches, this beauty is roomy enough for all my essentials! While I am perfectly happy with my prized LV Leanor, I must confess I still cannot resist buying more! My next target? The gorgeous Monogram Canvas Lockit Horizontal for a change!

You will find the right Louis Vuitton bag if you look around in the right places. There are good buys on the Internet, but do be careful to distinguish the authentic ones from replicas. As a rule of thumb, LV does not give discount or has overruns.

Demand to see lots of photos of the merchandise and pay extra attention to details like the stitching (should be even and standard on each side) and how the LV monogram are placed (should be symmetrical from side to side). If the seller is not prepared to provide enlarged photographs, which are likely to show all these tell-tale signs, stay away!

By Candy Tyler

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Shoe Design And History

A form of footgear covering the foot right up to the ankle, the shoe is intended to protect the foot from dampness, cold and rough terrain. Other forms of footwear are moccasins, slippers, sandals, mules and boots,

The moccasin is renowned for its sole that extends up around the foot to form the upper section (partly or fully) of the shoe. Due to its flexibility and greater protection against dampness, this is popular among hunters because it gives protection with a seam between the sole and uppers. The slipper is strictly intended for indoor wear. It's a soft shoe with uppers normally made of fabric, often lined for winter wear with fur or wool. The sandal generally has a flat sole of wood or leather fastened to the foot by thongs, straps or a knob between the toes. Mules are actually slippers that are designed for outdoor wear and consists of an upper that covers the toes and a sole. The boot has a sole and upper part that normally extends well above the ankle to protect the leg from wetness, the cold or dangerous conditions, like thorny plants or snakebite.

The first material for constructing shoes, leather is the most widely available and has proved to have the most suitable of quality. Theory has it that Stone Age man wasn't able to cover himself with material as vast as the skin of an animal he killed for food. It's highly likely that he wrapped pieces of hid around his feet to secure them against the perils of the cold, the rough terrain or sharp flint shards which he made is his tools.; The first effort at leather dressing was accomplished when the hide cracked and dried as primitive man softened it with fats and animal oils.

As man became more sophisticated with the advent of personal vanity, he began to use various vegetable dyes to change the color of skin clothes. A method of preserving the hide from putrefying was discovered by accident and became leather. Dressing and curing hides by vegetable dyes and natural oils were practiced until the 20th century, when tanning came to be accomplished chemically with chromium salts. In the 20th century, vulcanized rubber was increasingly used for footwear. Discovered by Waldo Semon during WWII, synthetic rubber is currently the most used shoemaking material , as it provides waterproof, hardwearing, durable sales. Especially for uppers, plastics are used as well.

Costume jewelry

As the name implies, vintage costume jewelry is old imitation jewelry. Costume jewelry is the perfect accessory for casual to formal dress, and is a wonderful way to express your personality. Beaded costume jewelry is a fun and funky way to express yourself. Today costume jewelry is often perceived as what one wears when one can't afford the real thing. Some wholesale costume jewelry is just for fun and very fleeting. Nowadays, costume jewelry is considered as jewelry articles to wear with specific type of clothing to improve the appearance and personality levels. Costume jewelry is a term that has been derived from the fact of its being a part of theatrical devices. What's great with costume jewelry is you can use it, get tired of it, put it away or give it away and have still gotten good value for your money.

Vintage costume jewelry frequently mimicked fine jewelry designs and, if made by skilled craftsmen, was thought to be "real" at first glance. Some jewelry is unsigned and some is by well known vintage costume jewelry designers or companies. Necklaces are also going large thanks to this vintage costume jewelry trend. Most of vintage jewelry can also be called costume jewelry. Consider vintage costume jewelry when you want to make a strong statement for a special event. Even trained eyes cannot distinguish the difference between gold costume jewelry and solid 14-karat gold jewelry.

The versatility of this handmade designer costume jewelry transcends formal and casual, young and old. Costume designer jewelry gives you the lavish feel and delicate twinkle that just doesn't appear with cheaper types of costume jewelry. Great designers create vintage costume jewelry that can be worn by fashion-forward women of every age.

The vintage costume jewelry is absolutely beautiful. Vintage costume jewelry is fun. Today's costume jewelry is fun, fabulous and inexpensive - perfect for casual wear or dress-up. Jewelry that is brass plated, as most costume jewelry is, can cause an allergic reaction or infection. For those who aren't afraid to be noticed or those that like ''conversation starters'', vintage costume jewelry is a great starting point. Even some costume jewelry is quite beautiful and far less expensive than "the real thing. When you own costume jewelry is fantastic, but when you own a piece by an artisan who puts their soul and heart into the pieces that they make it is even better. Costume jewelry is considered a fashion accessory and is directly affected by the change in fashion. Now inexpensive and costume jewelry is also considered as fine jewelry which are available in bargain price too. Most of the costume jewelry of today mimics the jewelry of the 30,40 and 50s. Many teenagers are starting to wear costume jewelry because they feel it makes them look hip and in style and it is affordable.

By David Fishman

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